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Territory War Rules updated as of 14th January 2021
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Territory War Rules
updated as of 14th January 2021

Territory War: Guilds must capture lands from monsters to gain advantages at certain NPC's
such as special "pots".

1. Any guild that enters onto the territory war map faces the consequences of that without complaint.

2. For a guild to be "eligible" to enter the map to attack a land, none of the senior positions can be filled
by someone who is also in a senior position
in another guild. (Senior position : Leader, Director, Marshal)
All senior positions must be filled.

3. Any guild that meets the requirement of section 2 can enter onto the map at any time, no need to take lands from monsters before attacking lands already held by another guild.

4. If a guild does not attend to defend a land then that land can be taken without complaint from the non defending guild.

5. Once a land is captured from monsters the guild is then expected to take part in
defending that land if attacked by another guild, or that land is lost and any benefits are passed on.

6. If a guild finds itself in a situation whereby they cannot bid to enter a territory war because of absence of their leader
for a period of 2 weeks or more, they can then petition the other senior officers to ask Hermod to change leader to
the director. Forcing abdication of the current leader (precedent set by Conqueror guild 10th Jan 2021)

7. If a guild decides not to defend, the consequences are that they will loose a land and cannot complaint to GMs or anyone else. Also see rule 10.
(mutes will be used to enforce this if any abusive of derogatory remarks against the attacking guild are made or vice a versa)

8. Territory War map will be wiped every 12 months to help encourage more PVP battles as petitioned by Conqueror and Rebels in 2020.

9. These rules can be updated and amended at any time by GM’s.

10. If a guild does not attend to defend or attack when they bid or are bid against, then they will be expected NOT to bid for the week following their non attendance. They can however bid the following week only if it is to take back the land that was lost from the non attendance. GMs can enter the territory war map to enforce this. Refer to rule number 4.

11. Once the territory war period is over, the guilds will be scored on the lands they hold.
Level 3 lands will be worth 1 point.
Level 2 lands will be worth 3 points
Level 1 lands will be worth 5 points
The guild with the most points will gain a reward to be decided later.
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Fri Jan 15 2021, 02:29am
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These rules have been compiled after reading all the tickets and previous TW posts on the forum (as many as we could find) and then trying to find a balance between all the requests and discussions.
We have taken into account precedents set and opinions of players that have posted and sent in informatin or complaints.
Please if you have any comments about these rules feel free to creat a post in the general discussions section and comment there if you dissagree or have any questions.
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