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Hi guys i know most people know about primal dailies / bloods etc but here's a quick go around all of primals essentials for the newbies or just for general use, there's also the amount of primal bloods for each class's skills.

Primal World
What is primal world?
Well if i told you that we would be here for a lifetime, so the first thing is Congrats! you mde it to rebirth 1 lv 100+. Primal World is a place where you'll be able to upgrade some of your skills to lv 12 (lv 11 is sage/demon) Here youll be also be able to get your starchart things aswell from the daily.

New Horizon Quest Chain
It is a PINK quest and starts at general Summers! You'll NEED to do this before you can enter Primal World, This quest is available Rebirth 1 100+
Quest line:
Primal World Entry Guide By Levi
- Talk to General Summer in Archosaur (521, 629). Take the purple quest ‘New Horizons – Summer Reawakened’.
- Talk to the Primal Messenger in North Archosaur (564, 675). Choose the first option in the list to answer correctly.
- Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654).
- Go to the Worldspire in the City of a Thousand Streams (123, 856) up to a height of 46. You should get a popup on the platform.
- Talk to the Archosaur Student in North Archosaur (564, 673).
- Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654).
- Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654) again to enter the Primal World. Select ‘Door to the Primal World’.

How do i get in Primal World?
To get into Primal work youll need to speak to the morai guide located in:
- North arch teleporter
- City of the lost
- City of plume
- Etherblade city
- Raging tides city
Note: to get out of Primal World you can take the quest to exit at:

What do i do once im there?
The first thing you'll need to do is get your StarChart (there is a seperate guide if you ask Para/Rose/Max to send it to you)
that is located at: Light Emperor Alexander
His quest will already be compalteable
Note: Make sure you have slots in your bag!

Everyone talking about sky levels? You have no idea how to get that?
DONT PANIC, Simple talk to: Sacred Mirror this NPC will have a complateable quest that you need to sit andd meditate multiple times (Boring i know but must be done!)
So this is how it works!:
- Talk to Sacred Mirror
- Finish all the meditates (I believe there are 5-6 of them)
- Talk to:Arcane Sky Envoy Yanna
Your now Arcane Sky Lv 1

How do i know what Sky lv i am?
To find your Sky Lv:
- Press C
Or pen Character menu
- Open your Character screen with all your stats points distributor
Under your face icon you'll have a YELLOW bar like your XP bar, Just under that is your Arcane Levels.

How many Sky levels are there?
Each Sky category has 10 Levels in Roman Numerals so they will be set like this:
I = 1
II = 2
III = 3
IIII = 4
V = 5
VI = 6
VII = 7
VIII = 8
X = 10
For each 10 levels there are a catagory for example:
- Arcane Sky 1-10 lvs
- Mirage Sky 1-10 lvs
- Astral Sky 1-10lvs
- Shifting Sky 1-10lvs

Yes thats right Primal World Dailies
For each set of sky lvs unlocks quests you can do daily to get:
- Primordial Blood
- Nebula Dust Orbs
- Astronoma Pearls
These Dailies are highlighted in your quest log as BLUE
Primal Quest Chain
Just like cultivation 1-100 theres a Primal like chain this will help boost your sky lv's emensly so DO THEM, Youll need certain Levels of sky Levels to do some of this stuff or to get on to the next stage, You'll NEED help with the instances it requires you to go in.
This chain is highlighted in PINK
READ: You will need 6 Primordial Bloods for your RB 2 Stone! And 1 Advance Arcane Sky Page

How do i get Pages?
Youll have 4 different types of pages:
- Arcane Sky Page
- Advanced Arcane Sky Page
- Mirage Sky Page
- Advanced Mirage Sky Page
Each page requires 1 Old Book Page (OBP)
Some skills require the same page so you might need x1 for some of the skills!

What are these sacred Codex's
These boost your baseic stats:
Sacred Codex: Endless Breeze - Passive - Increases Skill Damege
Scared Codex: Absolute Virtue - Passive - Increases MDef / PDef
Sacred Codex: Cascaded Thunder - Passive - Increases Critical Rate

These skills require: Primordial Blood
Sacred Codex: Purity Of Essence - Passive - Increases HP
Sacred Codex: Corrosive Cold - Passive - Extends CD of the targets MP/HP Charm
These Codex's Require: Barbaric Bloods

How much blood will i need for all my skills?
Heres a list of how many blood each class NEEDS for ALL there Primal Skills:
- Blademaster - 320 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Blademaster - 320 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Wizard - 230 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Wizard - 230 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Cleric - 220 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Cleric - 120 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Archer - 160 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Archer -160 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Barbarian - 160 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Barbarian - 160 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Venomancer - 220 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Venomancer - 220 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Assassin - 160 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Assassin - 160 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Psychic - 220 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Psychic - 220 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Mystic - 160 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Mystic - 70 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Seeker - 250 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Seeker - 220 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Duskblade - 250 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Duskblade - 190 Primordial Blood - Demon
- Stormbringer -220 Primordial Blood - Sage
- Stormbringer - 160 Primordial Blood - Demon

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Tue May 22 2018, 09:11pm
Everybody is dead Dave Registered Member #12 Joined: Fri May 18 2018, 03:55pm
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In reguards to this post Ignore the names in it since this was techniqually made for another server i was playing at the time, and i clearly forgot to proofread it LOL sorry.
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