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We are now in the process of adding more fashion items as requested and are working on 3 new crowns still which are to be released soon.

There will be some more new titles to work for also we are adjusting the Daily 70 and the Daily 100 PWR quests to give you more options and make it a bit more interesting.

We are also looking at switching the Arks parcels that you currently get as a daily log in reward for something else, maybe a new pack all together.

Please if you can, go to our facebook page and like the page then share the video we posted recently which may help to attract more new players and maybe some more old faces back again.

We are at some point this month in need of a HDD upgrade which is being dealt with by the wonderful staff at the Data center.

Our server rental payment date has been moved forward due to the renegotiation of the agreement last month.

Thank you all for your continued support in keeping YOUR server online.

Írta: Hermod - Monday 03 September 2018 - 22:34:48

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August Refresh

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I am happy to let everyone know that we have just agreed another 12 month contract with our hosts at a reduced rate to last year, this means that we have another wonderful year of Perfect World Rebellion to enjoy and I'm sure that won't be the end as they are eager to help us keep going. We have to swap some hardware this year sometime for newer items such as HDD being replaced with the newer faster SSD Hard drives. This will also help with any lag iassues still remaining that may be in anyway caused by the machine, however with the beast of a machine we now have there should be no actual lag or spikes caused by our machine, only those that unfortunatly come with the internet normally. We also have a £4000 firewall system in place that we are now safely behind that will illiminate and ban any Ddos attacks that may occur.
We also have many planned updates that we are working on, little fixes and more mounts and of course fashion will all be added as soon as we have them worked out and tested.
I'd like to thank you all for your continued support with votes and donations and also by simply playing PWR. We have no reason to do this other than for our players.
Here's to another year at least of PWR.
blessed be

Írta: Hermod - Wednesday 01 August 2018 - 21:26:15

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May Quiz

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The May quiz is now ready to enter, please email
your answers to the email at the top of the quiz
Most importantly don't forger to include your

email with your answers so we can send out your rewards.

1st correct answer = 300 cubi
Every correct answer thereafter = 40 cubi
Top Prize fund = 5000 cubi 5000 event cubi (40/40)
Entry closes June 15th 2018
1 entry per player


Remember that you only get Event cubi if you get 40/40, if more than one person gets 40/40 then the top prize is shared between them.
If you think you have them all correct then keep your answers to yourself otherwise share the top prize with others along with your answers.

Írta: Hermod - Monday 21 May 2018 - 05:22:25

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