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May Quiz

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The May quiz is now ready to enter, please email
your answers to the email at the top of the quiz
Most importantly don't forger to include your

email with your answers so we can send out your rewards.

1st correct answer = 300 cubi
Every correct answer thereafter = 40 cubi
Top Prize fund = 5000 cubi 5000 event cubi (40/40)
Entry closes June 15th 2018
1 entry per player


Remember that you only get Event cubi if you get 40/40, if more than one person gets 40/40 then the top prize is shared between them.
If you think you have them all correct then keep your answers to yourself otherwise share the top prize with others along with your answers.

Írta: Hermod - Monday 21 May 2018 - 05:22:25

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New Forum

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As you can see we now have a new forum in place, the last one became over come with spam bot posts and we were asked by the hosts to clear this as it was causing them issues as well as us. We took the drastic choice and deleted the entire old forum and its system.
You will need to register here again if you want to post anything however most threads are open to public view if you are just a lurker.

We welcome your ideas as always and thank you for your patience and hope this system works better at protecting us than the last one.

Have fun and be good


Írta: Hermod - Friday 18 May 2018 - 23:43:41

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