The Move

The machine move will take place on Tuesday 2nd October in the afternoon. The server will need to shut down whilst the move takes place.
Server will therefore shut down at noon 12:00 UK Time and is planned to restart around 3pm, however if everything gets done sooner we will let you know and the server will reboot.
There will be no data loss and no roll backs.
Thank you for your patience with this and hope it goes smoothly.

by Hermod  Posted on Sunday 30 September 2018 - 16:46:36

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  • ares1
    9 months ago

    UPDATE 1/8/23
    There was a small update to your "patcher" today,
    to check if it worked please open
    patcher > server > updateserver.txt

    it should look like this.

    "[EN]Patch-1" ""
    "[EN]Patch-2" ""

    the server list text should look like this

    [EN - PvE] Rebellion 29000: 6

    If yours doesn't match this then please copy and paste this over what is there currently.

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