The Move was successful

The Move was successful and is now fully complete.
There was no data loss and all systems are now running normally
Now is the time to click the PATCH button on the launcher and choose [EN] Patch - 2
if you missed the stage 1 patch, you may need to download the client again in full.
however if you missed the 1st patch and dont want to download everything again,
simply open your main PWR folder
then open the Patcher folder, inside you will see another folder called "server"
inside that is a text file called "updateserver.txt" open that and change the IPs inside
so that it looks the same as this :
"[EN]Patch-1" ""
"[EN]Patch-2" ""

this will then allow you to update to version 56 for connection to the new server.
Thank you for your patience and support
blessed be

by Hermod  Posted on Tuesday 02 October 2018 - 13:06:03

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