We're Moving

 Hermod    25 Sep 2018 : 13:36

Moving our machine to a new location

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be moving the machine from it's current location to a new location and linking into a new Juniper 10GE network, being fed by numerous 10x10GE peers, so you will see an improved performance in network latency and response times as well as improved SLA and uptime guarantees.

For us to do this move smoothly for you, it will be done in 2 stages.

Stage 1

There will be a client side only update, this will provide you with a second option of "Update server".

If you come to log in and cannot connect, you should check to see if the server is active.


If you see it isn't online, check the message you get regarding the update connection.

Stage 2

If you see this message

Then it's time to select "[EN] Patch -2" shown in the image above.
Once you select this it should then give you another patch (client side only) that will remove
any references to our old IP location and once patched you will then be able to connect to and login to the machine
as normal.

We cannot as yet post the time or date of this move but will try to time it so that we are offline for as little time as possible.
It "should" take us no more than an hour to complete the move of the machine.

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