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Silent GM Calls

Post#1 » Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:26 pm

We have had to give up on asking a question for the GM call as there are now more people on the server and it is impossible for us to administrate the questions effectively.

Several GMs have pointed out to me that there are now people making accounts specifically to get packs and that the characters are not used for anything else other than maybe a little storage.

The GMs feel this is unfair and therefore from today onwards, if we identify a character as being online only for packs (eg. a level 1 character that never levels or never moves or takes part in the game) will no longer receive packs from the call, this also extends to characters used specifically as banks.

The packs are a bonus gift from GMs to help you with active characters on a daily basis, please don't try to abuse this or we will have to rethink the whole process.
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