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Client mods and macros

Post#1 » Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:43 pm

To clear up something that was brought up yesterday.

Some people change the .ini file in their clients so that their characters have a modified appearance.

Some people use macros to open packs or hand in envelopes.

Neither of these actions are condoned by myself or the other GMs however we will turn a blind eye AS LONG AS

1. your changes to not allow you a beneficial bonus over other players. (other than level via handing in envelopes)
2. your changes do not cause other players to DC when you are close to them.
3.your changes do not cause lag to the server.
4. your changes are not a "hack" allowing duplication of items or anything else.
5. your changes are not used in combat of any kind for an advantage or while AFK (no botting)

basically those two actions above are the only 2 that we will "turn a blind eye" to unless what you do is seen to be abusing or hacking and you MUST NOT USE THEM IN COMBAT. IF you choose to make changes, then be warned, they are still against the rules so if it causes any issues the character / account CAN and WILL BE DELETED.

Act responsibly and do not abuse our good will.
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