Rules Update 24th May 2017

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Rules Update 24th May 2017

Post#1 » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:21 pm

If you dissagree with any of these rules please give a reason and we will listen to any VALID disscussions on any changes needed. Thank you.

In Game Rules

Rule 1

Have fun and enjoy the game

Rule 2

Please always respect the fact that
PW Rebellion has no age limit for our
players we hope to create a good family
atmosphere so moderate your language
and show respect for other players

Rule 3

Any one found to be botting/hacking exploiting glitches in the game will be disciplined or banned, wall hacking is NOT allowed.

Rule 4

Account sharing is at your own risk , any one
sharing thier accounts will agree to be
subject to any punishments/bans etc that
are incurred from the individual you have
given permission to use your account ,
no exceptions
Also IF you "give" your account to someone else, it is YOUR account and can be taken back at any time.

Rule 5

Any pms/private chats or personal
information,between players
unless agreed with all parties involved that
are shown in public chats without the
agreement of all parties involved will be in
breach of privacy and liable to subject you
to a ban i.e. a chat ban for a duration at the
discretion of GMs
If you copy somoene elses name in a way that it appears to be them. Whom so ever had the name 1st has rights to it and you MUST change the name you created OR it may be deleted. If you use this name to impersonate the original player in a deflamitory way the entire account may be banned.

Rule 6

Loot stealing is an issue however there is in place a moment in the game when an item dropped is yours to pick up, if you do not pick it up during that time the system makes it available for others to pick up. Do not complain if you do not pick up your own drops.

Rule 7

Abusive /racist comments in world chat/ all
chat will result in an immediate chat ban
for the perpetrator also Gms may take it further at their discretion

Rule 8

PK – Update to Rule 8 of Game rules.

As the server now has a BLUE NAME option, if you do not want to participate in PVP/PK then please go blue name. If you are White name then it means you are open for PK/PVP, GMS will not step in if you are PKd while white named.
PK is allowed every where that it is possible to PK, EXCEPT WHEN GMS SAY OTHER WISE for instance during PUBLIC EVENTS like Celestial Tigers or Archosaur invasion.

Rule 9

Pack farming is NOT ALLOWED, if you are found to have mearly created characters to exploit the free packs system your character will be banned for 1 second to remove it from game and interupt the time. Your character name and IP will be recorded and if you repeatedly offend GMs may take further action. Deletion of packs farmed or deletion of character entirely ( at Hermods discretion).
(Also making characters just to level them to 120 for event cubi ,dont mind once but to continue making them is not allowed event cubi can be removed)
Rule 10

TW - ALL GUILDS wishing to enter onto the Territory War map MUST apply in the Territory War Applications section of this forum. Your guild should have a MINIMUM of Leader, Director and Marchals (all 4) positions filled by NON ALT CHARACTERS ( MAINS ). You must await GM approval BEFORE you enter on to the map. If you fail to do this then GMs have the freedom to enter the map and destroy players with GM powers.

Rule 11

"Kill Steal" or KS,
Hermods definition of KS
"when you hit a monster / boss and take LESS than 50% of its HP, then someone else hits the same monster / boss and takes the remainder of its HP or a majority (50% or more) thus they get the kill i.e. the Exp Sp and drops. It is impossible therefor to KS a 1 hit monster / boss"
Rule - KS on bosses is not allowed UNLESS the attacking party is WHITE NAMED to allow the defender to counter you.
Spot stealing - dropping into a spot where someone is already killing 1 hit mobs, this also is not allowed again UNLESS both parties are WHITE NAME and then wish to either defend themselves or show they are open for the monster to be defended.
If you are in the spot 1st then you need not be white name.
If someone is BLUE name farming then they are showing they wish to "be alone" DO NOT try to take thier spot, you will be seen as an agressor by GMs and either moved or banned for a short while. (At GMs discression).

Rule 12

Secret Letters

When you hand in a Secret letter at either DWP or 1K and an invasion will begin in that location. DO NOT SPAM these letters at the NPC . If you are found doing it then ALL Secret letters in your inventory and bank will be DELETED as dont get rep for them now . You may also be banned for a short period at GMs discretion.

Rule 13

we dont do 13's

Rule 14


Rule 15

TW and NW Alts
TW - You may NOT have an active TW alt in an OFFICER position in more than ONE guild.
NW - Do not enter as a team of more than 2 people, once inside you may add more to your team.

Rule 17

If you provoke an argument in world chat or public open chat then you are as guilty as anyone who replies in an agressive way or uses foul language in a reply. You may be muted or banned as much as the person you provoke. Think before you speak!!

Rule 18

Any attempt to cheat the Vote for cubi system will be found and when we find you your characters/ account may be perma banned or deleted at Hermods discression. DO NOT TRY IT.
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Re: Rules Update 16/11/16

Post#2 » Wed May 24, 2017 2:44 am

Addition 24th May 2017
NPC's - When using NPC's in public places, if you are going to be there for longer than a quick visit (i.e. less than 1 minute) please DISS-MOUNT (Flyers / mounts) as FPS and lag are often highest in these public areas for people that may not have a "flash" graphix's card. Be respectful and get off that mount please if not GM's may move you at thier discretion to which ever place they choose again at thier discretion (must be safe area).
This action is based on someone BLOCKING the npc from other players having easy access.

Memorial Garden - NO ONE is to attack or destroy/ kill any of the Named flower fairies or the large Angel statue inside the memorial garden in heaven map (next to Mamma Beast), if you do and are caught you will automatically get a 2 day ban.

GM's - Disrespect of GM's will result in a ban or mute, this includes swearing at them in ANY chat format. No warning will be given of this ban or mute and it will last no less than 24 hours and increase depending on severity.

Note on PM's - PMs are at the CONSENT OF BOTH PARTIES, if someone swears at you in PM your first course of action is to black list, if they then change characters and continue they will be banned or muted.

So Mote it be

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