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PvP Events

Post#16 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:08 pm

Hey guys,

Thank you for posting all your opinions and i take all of it to heart.

It has been clear for the GM team that some players prefer pve and other players like pve with a bit of pvp on the side, but due to so little pvp being done on the server at the moment they are basically "forced" to pk players that do not want to participate in pvp activities which causes alot of "QQing" on the server and just general bitterness.

What i would like to accomplish by hosting a pvp event is to allow for the pvp players to have the opportunity to "get their fix" without having to murder innocent bystanders.

Even better would be if we can have all players on the server participate by accommodating all different playing styles.

As mentioned before we need more players on the server to really accomplish this and though we are getting new players on a daily basis, always saying "we need more players" to do something will not resolve anything.

This is why i opened this thread to see how we can create a pvp event that accommodates all players from all different forms of playing styles and make it fun.

I am not picking sides here at all, but pvp is not just about who has the biggest "epeen" but it teaches people valuable skills which can be used in a pve and tw environment.

It motivates people to get to know their characters and skills because in pvp spark + aps will not get you quite as far as it would on a modi.It also gives guilds a chance to get to know their fellow guildies.this promotes team work.knowing who works better with who.

TW is not about throwing all your best geared people in a squad and sticking your noobs in base and pray no one enters base.It is about finding teams that work together.That support each other to accomplish the goal set out.This is something which can be improved with pvp events.

It also promotes confidence in our players.A noobie with TT60 might not think he has the power to kill a boss for example , but in a pvp event he kicks a lvl 70 characters ass making this person feel godly.Like he can take on the world.Maybe this person decides to go solo that one boss he really needs , but is too afraid to ask for help with, because he now has the confidence to try it on his/her own.

This is us as GM's trying to find a solutions to a very big problem on the server at the moment and i would personally appreciate it if instead off saying "i don't want pvp" or "i want pvp" why don't both pvp and pve players work together to find a event where we can accommodate both styles of playing.An event where where pvp players can sacrifice a little to accommodate pve players and pve players can accommodate pvp players.

Why not work together to resolve the problem instead of saying "carebear" this or "pk" that because right now this thread is just about bickering over things we already now and not about finding a solution.

I also believe that we will get more players to join the server if we can create an event with a pvp component in it.

Please feel free to challenge me if i am wrong in any way.

~ Lovisa

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PvP Events

Post#17 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:33 pm

Soo many good points made in everyone's posts.. I think you should host pvp events for those that enjoy it. As Lovisa said there is more to pvp then meets the eye. If I think of any event ideas I will let you know :)

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PvP Events

Post#18 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:22 pm

mmm hi guys thinking realy hard about an event we can pimp to fix pvp problem. well we can try an event like say old caves were u enterd u got tome geeze miss that days wel we can do cave event like a maze at centre its goodies all against all. lower geard ppls get say 40 atk lv tome or 40 def one. you then run around killining mobs and sum players to get to loot. say like one gets crowend royalty he then leaves instance till next one is crowned so ea time u win u get time out. otheres then battle it out. winnners can face off in royal rumble spawing to ceetain area then pvvvvp breaks lose til there like 4 victors get to final semis and last 2 will fight. in areana so i can also watch. yeah event can be like tigers were ea class is gets class spoils and top 10 also get spoils. u kill mob u get certain amount of contra bution or respect u kill person u get like 50%mre conta and u cant pk camp. person he wil not get contra. wel just fix ant probles lss

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PvP Events

Post#19 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:51 am

im facepalming because i just remembered how fvking lame the pvp system is on perfect world compared to most other mmo's.

i mean really if you want pvp you have to ask for it in world chat, again HUUUUUGGGEE FACEPALM!!!!

As for whats stopping me pvpn?? how about the fact every mofo has a blue name unless there from our guild.

ps. before you start and say, blablablabla if you like pvp go to a diff server or a diff game, well, for one i do play a diff game for my pvp needs, BUT i know exactly how FUN good open world pvp can be and i would like to see more of it on THIS server becasue for me this is an awesome server it does everyting right apart from the lack of pvp, and fair enough not everyone likes pvp, thts cool, carebears are cuddly and nice i guess and thats there choice, but we do lack players for more open world pvp, and since we aint got new players queing up then YES we do need a gm to step in and try to get everyone on server involved in some FUN pvp event, you never know you might like it, you might surprise yourself and win, who knows, but what is the harm in having a monthly server wide pvp event?? were we can all get together beat each others faces in, maybe get some prizes and have a laugh about it afterwards =/

basicaly like rugby we beat up and get beaten up but after it in pub we drink a pint and more and just have a laugh ab out it... what happens on field stays in field. yh i am on PvP. :D but funn is funn, no wonder i like rugby and have played it.

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PvP Events

Post#20 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:18 am

im all about a pk event if evenly matched of course i dont wanna run out there and be a 1 shot to someone there is no fun in that but i love to pvp

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