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February Event

Post#1 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:18 pm

Winter is upon us so a little encouragment to help keep your fingers warm by giving you a reason to play in the cold days ahead.
During the month of February there will be 3 random silent GM calls.
For those that do not know what a silent GM call is, it is when I take a screen shot of our admin panels "Who is online" listing. I make a copy of every acount online at that particular moment and then send out manualy a gift to every person online. This does not include alts. If a toon is picked up as an alt do not expect a gift on that one too so no need to make lots of toons to log on with.
Have fun and remember they will be random times in the month of February and you must be online to get a prize. An annoucement will be made AFTER the screen shot has been taken.

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