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v30 Patch notes

Post#1 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:01 pm

This update was to include 5 new GM packs into the boutique
They are The Loki's cookie box, Hermods Hope, Saga's Buttons, Nanna's Gift and Holle's Candy box.
Loki and Hermod went in to normal cubi shop at the offer price of 50 packs for 100 cubi
Saga, Nanna and Holle are in the Event boutique at 10 packs for 100 event cubi.
This is a limited time offer and prices will change very soon.
I will not specify which packs contain what items just to say the Loki and Hermod packs give a "slight" chance to get the other GM packs, also 1 of the packs only contains the Eostre Opal needed for the Crown of Madness.
Below is a complete list of the contents accross the board. Not all packs contain all items, there are 40 items in each pack.
perfect token of luck
Lucky coin
1st coin
page of fate
best luck token
Pwr silver coin
book pages
warsoul mats
2nd coin
supply token
Golden coin
uncanny chest
Script of fate
astrospira lv3
astrobana lv3
bloody stone +16vit
Nebula dust orb blue
Rapture chest
Exotic aerial card
3rd coin
Saga's Buttons
Nanna's Gift
Holle's Candy Box
Saga's Buttons
Nanna's Gift
Holle's Candy Box
midnight ball carridge
Legacy mark
ancestrial horror
fire drake
Starseeker Powder x15
Nebula dust orb gold
astrospira lv3
astrobana lv3

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