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Ok here is my explaination of how it works

I log on at times without telling anyone, on a character that is hidden even from the other GMs. No one except me knows the ID of the opal mobs as I have hidden the drop on a mob hidden in the data, its name is removed from the encyclopedia so even through that you get nothing.

I go to a "PUBLIC MAP" which means it is a map that anyone can access without entering into an "INSTANCE", (Instance = a map that is opened privatly just for 1 person or a squad)
I then close my eyes and randomly click somewhere on that map and use GM teleport which enables me to go anywhere in one click.
Then I look at where I have appeared and what is around me, long grass, trees, water or other mobs. Then I decide on the "skin" of the mob, what its going to look like. I then spawn the opal mob with that skin. It will always have 37 HP and a Mini boss header ( a golden dragon head on the left side of its HP bar)
The names are chosen at random (this month Kandy as he won a donation event last month)
I try to place the mob so that it is not stuck in something or will glitch on place, so they cannot be placed on top of "empty graphix" like buildings or large stone pillars etc, they must be on something solid (that is considered as the ground by the server) They do NOT fly, but I can place them in water or on land.
They are either very small, sometimes very very large too and other times they may look like the other mobs around them or stand out as out of place.
I spawn them in safe zones and out of safe zones.
The clues I give a re very cryptic sometimes or other times they could be very clear but may be miss leading.
Opals are also given as part of donation rewards over a certain amount (£50 or more) and are also in several packs.
You can also trade with some players for them depending on what that person wants, thats up to them.
If you find a mob with 37 HP, I suggest you take a screen shot (Print screen button or use F9) and then if that mob does not drop anything send the "SS" to and you will then once Ive confirmed it, receive an opal that is tradeable, in your in game mail.
If anyone has any suggestions on how it could be made fairer, please feel free to post here with your ideas.
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Fri Oct 05 2018, 04:24pm
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"on how it could be made fairer" yeah disable Syb!! LOL
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