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Fri May 08 2020, 10:36am Print
Everybody is dead Dave Registered Member #103 Joined: Tue Oct 08 2019, 02:40pm
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The main problem I see as an end-game person on this server is that there is absolutely no pvp, the only "challenge" is bosses with over-inflated damage and defense with no real mechanics to them, just to run into a concrete wall.

So how do we make some kind of reason to get people to PvP you may ask... Well, the idea is simple:

2 daily/a few times a week events that are connected to one another

Event 1:
GM hosts a PvP event, depending on how many players there are, can be turned to whatever kind of event 1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4 etc and a GM writes down whoever arrived
There can be some small rewards for the winning team/player and a compensation rewards for the teams who lost but that's not the main event

Event 2:
A special farming event where GM's spawn bosses to farm unique items or materials for example ec, packs, primal bloods of both kinds, G17 mats, schart materials and the like.
The only catch is this, only players who participated in the PvP event are allowed to join the special farming event as a reward.

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Fri May 08 2020, 11:07am
Everybody is dead Dave Registered Member #234 Joined: Sun Mar 29 2020, 10:01am
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Agreed! Would love to have some fun and pvp with other players in the game, no point being end-game geared and just doing nothing but only to wait for nw/tw. Do consider and make this a feature whenever possible!
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Sat May 09 2020, 06:51pm
Stings When I PVP Registered Member #237 Joined: Fri Apr 10 2020, 08:26pm
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Well the problem is I have personally tried many times over the years to get pvp events going and there is just no interest... you have to remember that reward has to be proportional to the event, so if 4 ppl turn up for it then dnt expect any of the things u mentioned as rewards, more than likely just some gm call pack.
Also dueling events are just not balanced, the only way that would work is if the teams were set as Class Vs same class, so Veno vs Veno.

Some sort of Team Vs Team (picked by gm attending for balance) capture the flag (can be achieved if the flag is a female char(gm) and a male char "embraces" them, or 1 team defends a position for 15 mins against the other team (sort of like a half TW) then switch after the 15mins so both teams get to defend and attack.

Many years ago I did attempt capture the flag, I still have my "flag" gm. but only about 7 ppl seemed interested.
So if there is some real interest from enough people we will happily run larger scale pvp events with nice rewards. Although PWR is a pve server this does not mean PvP is off the table.
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