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This may come as a shock to many of you, but I feel I
have to stand up and tell the truth. It's something that
many have been denying for a long time but something
I've known personally for a long time and said nothing,
I held my tongue and had sleepless nights over the very
thought of it, but, I can no longer hide it from you.
Perfect World Rebellion, the software on the machine
we have running in the west of England, well,

If you play the game as it is meant to be played, killing
each other and the monsters, running guilds and going
on great adventures, then all good. What is
NOT part of the game is

a. sharing your personal life and details with other
players the getting upset when they turn out to be a nutter.

b. getting into fantasy "sexual relationships" then
using them as a tool to blackmail others OR letting
yourself get drawn into that kind of situation.

c. going onto social media like discord, facebook
twitter what ever, and THEN complaining to Game
Moderators on game about something said or done
on another platform. Thats a little like going into Home
Depot to complain about an employee in Walmart.

d. I also personaly beleive in the "clean hands" doctorine.
In other words, complain only if you have broken no
rule yourself.

e. spreading rumours about others drawn from the paranoid imaginations
of people under pressure in lockdown. There is a monster under
your bed!

f. going over and over old arguments like a broken record especially when
it's been dealt with and all cleared up usually as a total missunderstanding.
(only the older people will understand that, what would it be now,
a glitching .mp4?)

Basically, we are not the FaceBook police, nor the Discord police
nor the Skype video police. We are normal people that
volenteer our time and effort to provide a game platform
that many people enjoy in the way it was meant to be enjoyed.
You have your flings and then expect the GMs to sort out the mess
of someone threatening to tell your wife you like to wear stockings
or how you pretend to be a girl at weekends or send leud pictures
of yourself to married women/ men.Then bring the mess to us to
clear up. What are we supposed to do?

So play the game, kill each other and remember to blacklist or block.
Sticks and stones etc etc.
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Sat Oct 31 2020, 02:03am
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remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
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