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You go to Primal World and do the basic daily quest to get primal blood 6 are required and 1 old book pages.
You go to the Caldron in Kirin Town and convert the old book page to an Advanced arcane page.
You go to the caldron and to the quests and take the second option.
DO NOT use the first option as it make just an arcane page and won't get you the stone of recreation.
Once you have the advanced arcane page and the 6 primordial bloods you go to the first basic tab on the Caldron and look down and you will see the stone of recreation.
The start button should be lit up. Click it and make the stone.
The go back to the messenger and use it to get your second rebirth.
DO NOT buy another stone of love from the messenger in Arch. It won't work and those are 2M each.
That stone he gives you in ONLY for the first rebirth."

^ Credits go to CrysAnn
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