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Moving a character to another account
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Mon Apr 20 2020, 07:52pm Print
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Here is a list of things you need to do to prepare for a character to be moved

1. The character to be moved must NOT be present in a guild or faction. You can rejoin once it is moved.

2. The character to be moved must NOT be married. You can remarry once you have moved.

3. Empty the characters mail box or you will loose anything in there.

4. Take everyone off your friends list on that character and tell your friends to do the same until it is moved.

5. I need the username AND passwords for

a. the account the character is on now.

b. the account the character is moving to.

c. the name, class and sex of the character to be moved.

Once you have completed 1, 2, 3 and 4 send the information requested in 5 to with a time when you will be OFF the accounts.
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Mon May 11 2020, 06:50pm
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If you have a char moved with a homestead you may lose any progress in your homestead, meaning you will have to restart it by going to npc in heaven and will have to rebuild lvls all over again too, also you wont get the recipes all over again either, wont regain the resource bags once you restart your homestead either.You can go to npc in heaven Vedas - "Lothranis" 341 624(27) and get item from him basic generic pack which will give you the recipes again ,quest needed is to be developed . Edited Mon Sep 07 2020, 11:45pm by Saga
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