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Here is a guide to find your homestead npc.I am not good at making guides but I will try.
First of,get your Mysterious echo quest at merchant.It will give you one npc location.
Next, you would want to open this link

Here,you input the name of the npc and its location (the one you got from mysterious echo quest) on the standing column.It will then show you the rest of the npc’s and corresponding locations.
For the walking npc,you would want to track the npc and it will show you 3 possible locations.Go to any of the locations and look for the walking npc.They walk in a path and you can check on map.If you find your needed npc on that location then great but if not, input the name and location of the npc on the walking column and the rest of npc and location shows.
Goodluck all and have fun playing! ❤️❤️❤️
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