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Star Charts

What you NEED to know about your star charts and what each part does:
- The numbers displayed on each Starpoint represent their Aptitude.
- Aptitude determines the value of a Starpoint's attributes.
-Attributes scale with Aptitude, aka the higher the Aptitude, the higher the attributes and stat bonus gained.
- Each chart has 50 levels

- Total Aptitude is 20.00
- The Inner circle of stars are called Birthstar (Max Aptitude is 5.00)
- The outer Circle of stars are called Fatestar (The Aptitude of a Fatestar equals the sum of the Aptitude of the two adjacent(the two adjoining) Birthstars.
- When Birthstars/Fatestars are lit they are active
- Fatestars that are lit will naturally give higher stat value.
- The number in the middle of the Birthstars/Fatestars represents its Aptitude.

Total aptitude is capped at 20.00 If the total Aptitude isn't maxed out, there are still Star points to be activated.

What is a star chart?
Star charts will increase basic stats such as:
- Physical Attack
- Magic Attack
- Physical Resistance
- Magic Resistance
- Elemental Resistance: Wood/Earth/Fire/Water/Metal.
- Spirit
- Physical Penetration
- Magic Penetration
- Health
- Mana

How do i get one?
- When you teleport into Primal World a quest will pop up called: Dark Emperor's Fate Star chart
- You will have in at Light Emperor Alexander.
- You will then need to go to another Light Emperor Alexander (Different NPC's)
- After this he will give you all the things you need for your star chart to lift you off the ground
- Please remember to look in your bag for a chest called: Starglade Chest (Each chart has a different name for each class)
- Remember to Right click the chest with at least 5 extra bag slot in your bag. Click the chart itself. Once completed the quest will also give you basic starting mats for your chart (I strongly suggest you save up Nebular orbs to re-roll the chart once you have a good level on the chart in both chart level and Astral Energy level)

How do I see it?
If you go into your bag under the Maridian human there will be a star like chart. This is your star chart.
If you click this it will bring up a window Called: Star chart (Your star chart name)

What do I do in this window
Please note: All of these items can be obtained through either Jfsp (Judgement Flowsilver Palace) OR Primal Dailies.
At the bottom you'll see 4 boxes each one does different things:

Astral Infusion
Item - Astrobana pearl.
Note: there are higher levels of these pearls.
This will Increase the level of your star chart. Simular to devouring chest to level your cards.

Item - Nebula Dust Orbs
This will Increase your astral energy as well as give you stats on your chart
.Astral Energy determines how many Star points you get when fusing Star Charts or conducting Horoscope.

Item = Starseeker Powder
Starseek and completely randomise which Birthstars or Fatestars get applied to your attributes. If you have 5 attributes it will choose a random number of 5 stars.

Item - Astrospira Pearls
This will Give you different stats to your previous ones for better or worse. CAUTION: Doing this action is a chance will either get better or worse stats. Advice: DON'T mess with your stats until you have at least 20 Astrospira Pearls In case you get worse stats.
Please Note: All these star chart items will possibly be in boutique so make sure you check that out to level your charts!!

Hope it helps smile
And good luck on your charts everyone!
Heres a video just incase its still a bit unclear smile

Credits go to Yomo (Levi)
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