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Morai Orders Skills Guides
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Everybody is dead Dave Registered Member #14 Joined: Fri May 18 2018, 04:04pm
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Dont know wht they all are- but at least you know where to find them.


Archer: Arrow Inferno (100) lots of fire arrows?

Cleric: Violet Dance (80) dance in purple lol
Aurora Blast (80)
Aurora Burst (80)
Ancestor's Blessing (100)

Blademaster: Flame Tsunami (100)

Wizard: Spacial Reversion (80)
Life Reversion (80)
Ice Prison (100)

Venomancer: Soul Link (80)
Blazing Barrier (100)

Barbarian: Blood Rush (100)

Assassin: Spoils of War (100

Psychic: Veil of Shadow (80)
Telekinesis (100)

Mystic: Transfusion (80)
Mass Resurrection (100) reverse party wipes
Verdant Blessing (100)

Seeker: Radiant Sight (100)

Stormbringer: Cloud Cover (89)

Duskblade: Annuler Eclipse (89)


Archer: Leap Left (100) a step to the left
Leap Right (100) and jump to the right

Cleric: Mark of Weakness (100)

Blademaster: Sword Cyclone (80)
Reckless Rush (100)

Wizard: Sand Miasma (100)

Venomancer: Bewitch (100) changes someone into a muggle

Barbarian: Berserker's Rage (80)
Raging Slap (100) bish slap someone

Assassin: Shadow Sight (100) sneak peek into someone else's inventory

Psychic: Psyonic Link (100) maybe they can predict your future

Mystic: Invigorate (100) massage. spa treatment ?

Seeker: Angels of Justice (80)
Transposition (100)

Stormbringer: Lunar Sacrifice (89) sounds like u dont wanna be here

Duskblade: Night Howler (89 ]


Archer: Galvanic Charge (80)
Ataraxia (100) its a form of stealth

Cleric: Pious Blessing (100)

Blademaster: Reel In (100) a C'mere skill or a fishing game

Wizard: Arcane Defense (100

Venomancer: Natural Synergy (100)

Barbarian: Cornered Beast (100) yeah, you dont want to poke a cat thts cornered

Assassin: Death Link (80)
Share the Stealth (100) last only 5 seconds -.-

Psychic: Spirit Phalanx (100)

Seeker: Sacrificial Slash (100)

Stormbringer: Waxing Crescent (89)

Duskblade: Umbral Stalker (89) - think they become very friendly and follow you

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